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POS Customer Display

Point-Of-Sale Customer display is a hardware device that displays product information and amount accumulated during sales transactions. The customer can view and on some displays interact with the invoice as the product billed in real time.

For customer convenience, the Point-Of-Sale display can be a touchscreen or non-touch screen, mounted on either, pole or countertop, and interact with a customer by displaying sale details in the form of multi-line fluorescent text or authentic LCD images. POS Customer display may also be equipped to process credit cards

Advantages of using a Point-Of-Sale Customer display monitor

  • Transparency and confidence

Point-Of-Sale display monitors display directly to a customer in real time, which allows them to view what they are being billed for.

  • Precision

Using a POS display monitor significantly reduces the probability of mistake or fraud.

  • Compatibility

Customer display monitors connected to the system using a USB, Serial or Parallel connection and can be used with most models across several industries.


  • Reliability

POS display monitors are easy to use and do not require additional training.


Available brands:

Bematech, Partnertech, Posiflex, Touch Dynamic, Aures Yuno, Logic control, FEC.

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