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Mobile Point-Of-Sale Systems

Mobile Point-Of-Sales system is a portable, wireless device (or combination of multiple devices) that performs inventory functions, customer maintenance, and can finalize sale transactions.

Mobile devices can be integrated with other stationary or mobile devices (printers, barcode scanners) and software (operating system and internal applications) to form a Mobile Point-Of-Sale System.

Some mobile devices: tablets, Smartphone or iPads use cloud POS application that can serve as a mobile Point-Of-Sale system to improve efficiency, mobility and speed using a wireless Bluetooth or WIFI connection.

A Mobile Point-Of-Sale System is a combination of several mobile devices; mobile POS, printer, barcode scanner, and software that provide all the functionalities of a standard docked Point-Of-Sale System.

Since all or most components of a mobile POS System are portable, it provides additional flexibility, speed, mobility, staff efficiency, and customer convenience.

Mobile Point-Of-Sale Systems are similar to other stationary POS systems, so they require no extra training.

Research suggests that mobile POS systems will replace classical Point-of-Sale Systems because their functionality is similar but, Mobile POS Systems have advantages in ease of use, user experience, and efficiency.

Advantages of using a mobile POS and Mobile Point-Of-Sale System

  • Mobility

Mobile POS and Mobile Point-of-Sale Systems have all the functions of a standard POS and POS System device but have the advantage of mobility. They aren’t confined to a stationary position so they can be assigned to employees instead of an inert location. Also, adding customer satisfaction with a quick and simple transaction on the spot.

  • Increased staff efficiency and internal communication

Staff can take orders, process payments, keep track of inventory and communicate with more accuracy to save time.

  • Adjustability

Mobile POS and a Mobile Point-Of-Sale System can be used in any environment, in-store or out, only requiring a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. This gives an advantage to companies that conduct business outside of their workspace but mobile POS and Mobile Point-Of-Sale Systems can be used in any industry, regardless of the type of business.

Main manufacturers:

Touch Dynamic, Breeze-Performance, Dell, FEC, etc.


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