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Touchscreen monitor

A touchscreen monitor is an input/output hardware device designed to give user full control over the information rather than using a mouse and keyboard. It is used through a series of hand/finger gestures such as taps and swipes with the screen except for some devices that may only work using a stylus or a special glove.

Direct interaction with the information shown on the screen provides the user with more control and efficiency compared to mouse or keyboard controlled systems.

Touchscreen devices allow direct control with information and a connection between systems, but they are strictly a hardware attachment. This means the touchscreen device has to be connected to a different piece of hardware such as a smartphone, tablet, ATM, Point of Sale System, ATM, PDA, etc.

Unlike touchscreen monitors, these devices have an operating system/software installed. Therefore, the touchscreen device is a more intuitive and efficient all-in-one substitute for a mouse, keyboard and any other peripheral devices used in conjunction with a software-based device.

Accuracy and intuition

Because the user directly interacts with the information on the screen, touch technology provides accuracy and ease of use in comparison with the mouse/keyboard combination since the technology relies on users’ intuition and sight. The adaptation of touch screen phones and home devices makes the user more comfortable with the form interface.


A study by Research Laboratories concluded that using a touchscreen monitor reduces response time for users of touchscreen devices up to 20% compared to users of traditional input method. This means less waiting time and satisfaction for the customer and efficiency for the user.

Integration and convenience

Touchscreen technology allows for several peripherals to be integrated into a single device used as a more convenient and practical substitute. There are fewer electronics and components to account for since everything is integrated into the touchscreen device which can be equipped with directions during every stage of a command or transaction.


Classic peripherals are not practical to use by people specifically those that are accustomed to modern technology and those that suffer from physical difficulties such as arthritis. Touch technology eliminates these difficulties by allowing customers by minimizing their efforts and making the transaction quick and smooth.


Endurance and maintenance

Touchscreen monitors are more enduring compared to a mouse and keyboard since they are made of glass or some other hard coated surface while their cases are usually plastic or metal. This also makes them easy to clean and maintain while having a longer lifetime, use, and efficiency than standard Point-of-Sale components.


 Available Brands

Elo, Logic Controls, Touch Dynamic, Posiflex.

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