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Receipt Printer Bixolon SPP R300BK

Receipt and label printers

Receipt and label printers are peripheral devices used for printing product labels, credit card slips, and customer receipts. Printer connected to other hardware devices via cable or wireless connection is one of the components of Point-Of-Sale System.

  • Types of receipt and label printers

Receipt and label printers use one of the following technologies:

  1. Dot Matrix (impact printers) use pins installed on the print head. These pins produce a series of dots which form letters and/or numbers on paper. Impact printers usually print in black and red and can print graphics.
  1. Direct thermal printers work through interaction between the thermal head and thermal paper and do not use ink or ribbon.
  1. Thermal transfer printers work by applying heat to the ribbon, which melts onto the material to form an image.
  1. Ink Jet printers shoot drops of ink onto the printing paper to produce an image

Receipt Printer Epson TM S9000

  • Advantages of using receipt and label printers:
  • Increased print speed

Receipt and label printers offer increased speed of lines per second. In addition, printed materials dry more quickly than with standard printers.

  • Increased customer convenience

Due to high speed of printing, customers can receive their receipt and credit card slip in a matter of seconds.

  • Increased efficiency

Increased print speed is convenient with labeling of shipments and packages.

  • Reduced printing costs

Some types of receipt and label printers operate without using ink, which significantly reduces investments.

  • Reduced maintenance costs

Receipt and label printers are more reliable compared to standard printers.

  • Mobility

Mobile label and receipt printers add a new dimension of customer and inventory management, as well as employee efficiency.

Available brands

Bixolon, Citizen, Epson, Infinite Peripherals, SNBC, Star, Touch Dynamic, Posiflex, Zebra

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