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Point-Of-Sale Keyboards

A Point-Of-Sale keyboard is a hardware input device connected to the POS System. POS keyboards function like standard computer keyboards but have more advanced options that include a card reader, barcode reader, smart card reader, and a fingerprint scanner.;

Some of our POS keyboards include programmable keys. This means that selected keys can be programmed to perform a certain function when pressed (total, void or any other.) Selected keys can be programmed to address single or multiple articles.


  • Ease of use

Point-Of-Sale keyboards are used the same way as standard keyboards. This functionality helps new users easily adapt to it and navigate their system. All keys are labeled and can be identified by any user.

  • Enhanced functionality

POS keyboards often have an integrated card reader, barcode reader, smart card reader and fingerprint scanner with the possibility of having programmable keys. These additional functions increase efficiency and save time. The keys can be set to most specific commands perfect for any business such as Associate Functions, Update Client Status, Online Store, or something as simple as opening the cash drawer.

  • Adaptability and low maintenance costs

POS systems may be different, but the keyboards are always visually simple to understand. POS keyboards can be used in any business and adapted to any user with low maintenance costs.


History of the Keyboard

The keyboard originates from the typewriter which was first patented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1874. The typewriter even had the same key layout(QWERTY) as our modern keyboards. By the 1930s, the typewriters had the capabilities of being a telegraph too, which was the start of communication between users in more than one place. By 1949, one of the oldest computers, the BINAC computer, developed by the Eckert–Mauchly Computer Corporation had a typewriter that was able to input information into the computer. By the 1980s, all computers had keyboards. Since then, features like key programmability and the addition of the keypad have made our products diverse for all Point-of-Sale needs. 

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