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Cash Drawers


A cash drawer is a compartment-like hardware component of a Point-Of-Sale System usually kept under the cash register used to secure cash, checks and credit cards receipts.


Cash Drawers types

The most straightforward cash drawers are manually operated, which means they must be operated with a key.

More advanced and widely used is printer-driven cash drawers which connected to a receipt printer. During printer’s operation, it prompts a command to the cash drawer which then opens.

There are multiple types of Terminal-driven cash drawers, depending on connections.USB type uses USB port to connect to the Point-of-Sale System and can only be used with the proper driver installed.

Serial cash drawers are similar but are connected to the POS System using a dedicated 9-pin serial connection.




  • Security


      A cash drawer is an essential tool to keep your money, cards, and receipts safe at any time. Most drawers are protected with a key and are only allowed access through the Point-of-Sale System, which has another security measure. Rest assured your money is safe in a cash drawer.


  • Ease of use


      Regardless of the type, cash drawers are easy to use and do not require additional investments or training for staff.


  • Reliability


Cash drawers are incredibly resistant and require little investments in maintenance.




James Ritty envisioned a modern system of cash registers and cash drawers. Ritty, a bar owner in Ohio often blamed his bartenders for low earnings. Determined to put an end to what he considered being theft and inspired by a machine that counted the revolutions of a propeller on a boat, he used the same logic to construct and patent “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier” in 1879.

The patent was sold in 1884 to the National Cash Register Company for a humble $6,500. In 1991, NCR was acquired by AT&T for a sum of $7,4 billion.

Available Brands:

APG, Logic Control, MMF, PartnerTech, Posiflex, Touch Dynamic.

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