The top 10 benefits of using a Point of Sale System

The top 10 benefits of using a Point of Sale System

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Fortunately, cash register is not the only technology available on the market today. The presence of the Point of Sale System can now address wider and various benefits to business owners. Below are just 10 benefits of using a Point of Sale System

Point of Sale System (POS) is a great innovation for small and large businesses as it addresses the laborious task of handling sale transactions. It can lower costs while promoting productivity and customer services. The efficiency and effectiveness of this technology saves time and prevents losses in day-to-day business operations.

The following are the 10 benefits of using a Point of Sale System:

  • Speedup Transactions

Simplified touch screen POS system, quick barcode scanning, automated payment process and more, makes Point of Sale cash register much faster in sale transactions.

  • Eliminates Errors

Automated transactions and calculations virtually eliminate all the errors witch commonly occur in manual transactions made by humans.

  • Quality Control

Over 75 reports will give you precise information on business quality performance.

  • Employee management

Yes! POS system manages employees. Options like: clock in, clock out, lunch break sign out, wage assignment and calculation, employer performance and sales report make this software ideal to manage staff.

  • Simplify the Accounting Process

Save time and energy as you simplify the accounting process. Today, your accountants and financial personnel don't have to go through the tedious task of sorting out hundreds of records, statements and receipts. Simply use POS to generate reports.

  • Review Past Transactions in Seconds

With just a snap, you can track your sale invoices. Easily review your sales for previous days, weeks or month, without going through pile of records.

  • Inventory Management

Track your inventory by simply using POS system. You don't have to count inventory manually or rely on employees. Using POS automated Inventory management will eliminate costly errors and save time. Also the POS system will automatically prompt for low inventory and in few clicks contact supplier and schedule new order. POS software is outstanding inventory management system for small and large businesses.

  • Automation

For those who highly value time and productivity, automation is the magic word. Just mentioning few: point of sale system automatically send orders to kitchen or other departments, scales measures weight and calculates price by automatically adding to the invoice, automated receipt printing and accessing cash drawer. The task is now simplified by automating the ordering process.

  • Improves Customer Service

Every customer aims for the best and most reliable service. The Point of Sale System is highly valuable as it speeds up services, tracks records (such as customer information, previous transactions and payment method), customer information automatically will display during phone or online orders. With POS system you can issue gift cards and store credits as it is essential in today's customer satisfactory. Stay in touch with customer by sending electronic notification, sales and promotions.

  • Reports

Our software provides over 75 reports, such as sales (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and more). Inventory (Low or high inventory, best seller, expiration date and due date), Employee (quality, attendance, wage)


When it is time to make a decision to purchase business equipment we quite often ask ourselves a question “Can I afford to have this technology?”

We better ask ourselves “Can I afford NOT to have this technology?!"


The Point of Sale System is an essential tool for every small and large business.



Created By 2016-03-13 13:55:08 Posted By Jacalyn Cotta Comment Link
Although we see and use point of sale systems in retail work every day, more often than not the cashiers or even the managers hardly know the complete functions of those systems. With the increasingly developing technology world in every possible aspect, POS systems are also evolving. They are not just cash registers that they used to be about 10 years ago. Therefore, to get the maximum potential out of your POS system, it is important that you read these kinds of articles and get the extra knowledge that you lack.
Created By 2016-02-29 09:29:43 Posted By Fayne Jagla Comment Link
I completely agree with this article, a POS system is very advantageous to my business. I cannot operate efficiently without it. What I like most about POS system is employee management. As a business owner, employees are crucial in the success of the business. At times, you can hire someone that can ruin sales and a POS system can track this particular employee. With the use of unique identification codes, you can identify an employee with lower sales. You can track this through their daily transactions and this is effective regardless of how many employees you have. By monitoring employee behavior, business owners can pin point persons with particularly strong or weak sales figures. This amazing feature allows you to take action in relation to your weaker employees. Of course, this application also discourages theft as everyone in your team are aware that they are being tracked. No employee theft means more income for your business!
Created By 2016-02-26 19:43:28 Posted By Ryan Moore Comment Link
It is highly recommended for a business earning at least 500 dollars yearly to use a POS System. This article clearly reflected every reason on why businesses should consider using this amazing Point of Sale System. As a business owner, I confirm the benefits of POS system discussed in this article. Truthfully, I have extensive savings and get lots of benefits! When talking about ROI, the POS system is capable of being able to pay for itself in a short period of time. For new businesses, this is absolutely a great investment. The savings are incredibly high! For example, you can lessen labour hours while increasing productivity and efficiency. I can say that I hugely benefited from the POS auto apps as it addresses time-intensive works such Inventory Management, report generation, and many others. With POS system, I can stay updated on how my business is performing in an effective and efficient manner.
Created By 2016-01-04 17:30:12 Posted By Jones Frances Comment Link
I cannot help but completely agree with this comprehensive article that covers the obvious facts on why we cannot afford to have a Point of Sale System! Sometimes, many of us make things difficult just because an equipment is a product of an advanced technology. Lots of retail shop owners missed the importance of a good POS system all because they are comfortable with their old and obsolete systems . Thankfully, this article points out the practical reasons on why every small and large business should have this system installed!
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