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Barcode Scanners

Today, the business world has become highly competitive and to outperform the competition, most of the businesses are embracing innovative technologies to ease operations, enhance efficiency and increase profits. POS system is a wonderful gift of technology and it is fast becoming a choice for businesses to simplify their process. No matter what type of business you have, POS system can change the future of your business by providing an all-in-one solution to a plethora of daily issues. Point of sale can manage inventory, sales, employers and save time and money.

Why do I need Barcode Scanner?

When you are running a store, a lot of problems crop up and it affects your daily operations. Human errors that cause inventories mismatch or not registered sales are all common issues. These issues can be easily rectified if you using a barcode scanner with the latest POS system. This innovative system accurately collects and records data that will help to understand how business is functioning and how you can improve it. If you are in a retail or hospitality industry, you should use a barcode scanner with Point of Sale system. In the retail industry, the barcode scanner is an essential part of the Point of Sale system that expedites the sales and helps manage inventory in a quick and easy manner. If you are in the hospitality sector, POS can be used to process sales transaction, record and track your inventory, manage employees, and keep your business up to date to take on the competition.

Our Scanner Products

What do we offer, types and connectivity 

Barcodes are truly indispensable to manage inventory and if you are a business owner who is looking for a perfect POS System to streamline your business process, then you should know that a barcode scanner is an integral component of your point of sale system, whether you running a pet shop, wine store, retail store, bar or a restaurant.

In this ever-evolving business world where you have to be on your toes to tackle issues, there is a need for an effective Point-of-Sale system that includes the latest Barcode scanner. It would be easier for you if you pick a POS barcode scanner with a proper connectivity and corded or cordless options that match both your point of sale system (POS) and your usage patterns. Most popular connectivity options available for pos systems are Serial, USB and Bluetooth connections. Wireless scanners offer many benefits such as; the ability to scan barcodes easily on large and heavy items, increase counter space, freedom of movement. All wireless Bluetooth scanners work within 30 feet range from the point-of-sale system. There are different types of barcode scanners on the market like Laser Scanner, Linear Imager Scanner; 2D Area Imagers etc. Two-dimensional (2D) POS barcode scanners excellent tool for any type of businesses and it offers more options and better performances than one-dimensional (1D).


You should use the help of services, repair, and Maintenance Company if you want to install a POS system and the Barcode Scanner. Cash Register NY is the leading name in this field and we will provide you latest Barcode scanner at a reasonable price. You can install it to simplify your business operations, enhance your workflow and increase sales.


  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • Cordless / Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • USB Barcode Scanner
  • Corded Barcode Scanner


  • Handheld Barcode Scanner
  • Hands-Free Barcode Scanner
  • Pocket Barcode Scanner
  • In-counter Barcode Scanner


  • Long Range Barcode Scanner
  • Mobile Barcode Scanner
  • Best Barcode Scanner
  • Portable Barcode Scanner
  • Infrared Barcode Scanner
  • Scanner Scale Barcode Scanner

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I bought latest POS System for my retail store. Installation was done by experts. Pricing was good and the customer support service was amazing. I would recommend those guys.
Amy Lee
Receipt printer is working properly. All my queries regarding the product were answered promptly. Truly reliable and highly recommended service.
John Anhalt
I bought Cash Drawer for my existing system. Extremely durable and effortless performance. A trustworthy site. You can rely on their customer support services.
Michael Ashtons
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