Citizen CMP-20BTU Portable Thermal Printer, Bluetooth Interface, Li-Ion, Black


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The Citizen CMP-20 two-inch portable printer is designed to be simple to use and easy to operate. This, combined with the durable, strong plastic case able to take the occasional knock, means the CMP-20 just keeps running and running. The CMP-20 is able to accept larger-diameter media rolls, allowing for long print runs before changing the media. Furthermore, the CMP-20 comes equipped with high capacity batteries, providing users with daylong printing capabilities

CLICK HERE FOR Citizen-CMP-20BTU-specifications.pdf

  • Portable Thermal Printer
  • Small, lightweight, and mobile
  • Print Speed: 80mm/sec
  • Interfaces: RS232C Serial, USB, Bluetooth
  • Long battery life
  • Dimensions: 96 x 136 x 58 mm
  • High-impact ABS plastic case design
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