Epson TMU220B-871 Two Color Dot Matrix Printer, USB Interface, A/C, EDG

Brand: EPSON

Product Code: 0305004TMU220B-871

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 Epson TMU220B-871 - TM-U220 is a robust, high-performance impact receipt printer which is exceptionally easy to use. Featuring drop-in paper load, selectable auto-cutter and clamshell covering for easy access and maintenance, the TM-U220 is very reliable and prints on plain paper in three widths. 

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-Flexible paper width: 76 / 69,5 / 58,5 mm

-Low TCO and affordable price

-Drop-in paper load

-Autocutter included

-High-speed printing through logical seeking control6,0 lps (30cpl) / 4,7

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