PartnerTech 6515-4PR7-64, 15 in. TouchPC, Cel.J1900-2G, 4G RAM, 320G, 80mmPrt., PR7-64bit,MSR


Product Code: 0302004PT-6515

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Price: 1642.2000 $1,642.20


PartnerTech 6515-4PR7-64 - may help any type of retail or restaurant provide great customer service, and because of its one cable, compact, rugged design and flexibility, is also the perfect choice for theaters, coffee shops, arenas, festivals, and special retail like antique stores. It's also designed to support mini-kiosk applications and you may expand its functionality with optional WLAN and RFID for payment option


  • Fanless, Intel® Bay Trail™ J1900 2.42GHz, quad-core processor
  • Bezel-free 15” screen with projected capacitive touch 
  • Integrated three-track MSR
  • Integrated 3” thermal printer
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
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